One thought on “New Year in Chiang Mai

  1. Amanda Harrison says:

    Hello Darren, It seems superfluous to wish you a happy new year, you are obviously having a totally fab time. What an exotic setting for having fun and getting a refreshed perspective; did you send a prayer up with the lantern? I’ve read Siobhan’s letter and I think that bobbing around in warm water while thinking profound thoughts sounds great; better than under a bodhi tree any day. I thought about you both last night while we watched ‘There Will Be Blood ‘. Our TV mast got felled in the ridiculously high winds we are experiencing but it was not an ill wind …telly is out, film is in. ….have you tried Thai cinema?

    Have a wonderful 2014 and take more photographs (quirky would be good.)
    Best of best wishes
    Amanda x

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