I am a landscape photographer.



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  1. Brian Bergen-Aurand says:

    Hi Darren.
    Looking forward to reading your film book. Was wondering if we might trade a few emails. Let me know.

  2. Victoria Hughes says:

    I’ve seen this place before–beautiful photograph! I drew it from a dream I had, and then I found a picture of it in 2011. Where exactly is this lake? I see it’s somewhere along the Cascade Range but I’d love to know what city/state and what this lake is called if you know.

  3. Dear Darren,

    I am writing to you from Rowman & Littlefield publishers, because I would like to request permission to use one of your photographs from “The Affectivity of Prehistoric Art (Part 2)” in a forthcoming history book. If you could send me an email, I’d be happy to provide you with more details about the project.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration.


    • Dear Rebeccah, many thanks for your message. The photographs I used for my post ‘The Affectivity of Prehistoric Art (Part 2)’ were rather shamelessly lifted (scanned) from books, postcards, magazines, and other websites. Would love to hear more about the proposed project though. Regards, Darren

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