Film, Nihilism and the Restoration of Belief (Zero Books, 2013)


This book explores the possibility that cinema can challenge our contemporary nihilism and restore belief in new transformative possibilities for living in the world.

Despite the banal clich├ęs which govern much of its current forms, the cinema continues to have a vital political and aesthetic significance through its concern with how we can restore belief in the reality of a world where scepticism and universal pessimism have taken hold. Today we have no more faith in images than we do in the world. It is through the erosion of our commitment to and our sincerity towards our ways of being in the world that nihilism and despair has taken hold. This can only be addressed through a renewal of faith in our capacity to transform the world. This faith will give us back the reality of a world eroded by the restrictive capitalist ontology of modernity, by opening the possibility of an alternative way of living, being and thinking. This book will discuss the means by which some of the most fascinating filmmakers have grasped the vocation of resisting and transforming the present, and of cultivating new forms of belief in the world when total alienation appears inevitable and intractable.

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