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A Dream of Alien Hands

Last night I had a dream in which I assisted in the deliberate and consensual mutilation of a man’s hands. We were sitting together at a workbench in a dimly lit workshop. This resembled my father’s shed from when I was a child. There was a smell of gasoline and dust. The man handed me a cleaver and asked me to hack off both his hands at the wrist. He is a large faceless man in a brown suit who sits in the semi-shadows beside me. It is ambiguous as to whether he is wearing some kind of a mask. I don’t know him, but yet somehow in the dream I do know him. I acquiesce to his demands, willingly. I cannot seem to say ‘no’. This acquiescence is out of weakness and I am ashamed. The removal of his hands is part of a much larger and diabolical story in which I have long been complicit. I am involved and Continue reading


A Good Start

Well, barely a week into my year away from work and we’ve moved all of our belongings out of our home in Canterbury, packed them into storage in Hampshire, said goodbye to my parents and briefly relocated to Leiden in the Netherlands. It’s been a bit strange here the past two days as the annual celebrations commemorating the siege of Leiden in 1573 and 1574 have been going on.


Basically, celebrating this extraordinary act of historical resistance now seems to involve thousands of people taking to the streets and drinking inordinately large amounts of Heineken, weird old mechanical pipe organs playing Continue reading

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11 Things To Do When I’m Traveling

We moved out of our home in Canterbury on Thursday, and have just a few days before we begin our travels. So I’ve been reflecting on a few things ahead of the trip. Siobhan recently wrote about her 11 essential travel gadgets for digital nomadism over on the Get_Transient blog, where she listed the gadgets she has packed for our life traveling during the next year. Despite the fact that I also have a whole bagful of tech stuff to go traveling with, I thought I’d try and come up with a different type of travel list.

In the next year I have several planned writing projects which I am going to be working on whilst being away from my job. However, I also have a whole list of other things I want to do during this time, some of which are small, some are new and unfamiliar, and one or two Continue reading